Diet Solution Book Review

I find the Diet Solution Book is much more than a simple diet program. This book changes our perception on what is healthy and what makes you gain weight allowing you to make better food choices. As you read you start to realize that the media has got our facts upside down regarding nutrition and dieting, actually most of the foods considered healthy (and boring), actually make us store fat and even make us sick.

Isabel de los Rios set us straight from the beginning, the Diet Solution Book is NOT A DIET, her program is more like a guide to help you body get to its best fat burning level. Although her books makes us realize that sadly we had it almost all wrong in weight loss matter she gives us good news: you can stop counting calories and burning your self out in the gym as this is not how healthy and effective weight loss really happens, and what´s best you may not have to quit your favorite food at all!

The DSP Precedents

Nutritionist and fitness expert Isabel de los Rios, has written The Diet Solution Program with an expertise of more than ten years. This book comes as a result of her own battle against overweight when she was back in college.

The Diet Solution is a program that changes your life style, this is not a simple diet; in fact this program encourage us to leave behind that old and silly habit of dieting and begin to eat and enjoy our life. This program takes us to our ideal weight and figure trough tiny modifications in our diet, it´s all about knowing what fats and carbohydrates are good and which are bad for you.

Must people think that drop off those extra pounds has to be difficult, but the Diet Solution Book proofs this wrong. Isabel uncovers all dieting and “healthy food” myths, teaching us how losing weight can be very easy if you have the correct information at hand. As you read trough this book you will immediately sense how all she says is actually very logical and trustworthy, in fact this program is so good that it is medically approved and it has a 30 day money back guarantee.

How it Works

The Diet Solution Program rationale consists of three fundamental rules: take heed of the types of food that lead to fat storage, discover the types of foods that make you burn fat and lastly, learn how to mix and cook these fat burning foods to increase their fat burning capability. Just from the beginning, Isabel will tell you in great detail why these rules are important, how they work and most importantly, how to incorporate them into your life. Don´t worry if you feel flood out by the amount of weight loss facts you will learn, you can always opt to introduce them to your diet one at a time. I personally did it this way and shortly after I began to see the results, and this was not only reflecting in my figure, my cravings for junk food disappeared, I also started to notice that I felt satisfied with smaller portions of food.

The other feature I loved about this program was that instead of being forced to eat the diet of hospital-like food, this program is flexible enough to let you eat almost whatever you like (contrary to most diets). Let me give you an idea of what Isabel recommends you to eat to burn fat: beacon, eggs, spelt bread, peanut butter, nuts and of course all the variety of fruits and vegs.

Another important point is to remember that not everyone´s body is the same. This is why you might be frustrated because you are following the exact same diet as your best friend without getting the expected results. With the Diet Solution you will personalize your food intake according to your metabolic type.

For this, Isabel has included a Metabolic Test, with this you will find out if your body process better fats or carbs, so if after eating you are left feeling hungry you can just add more of these according with what your body can digest quicker. If you are in a hurry to lose weight and want to know more about what Isabel’s program might do for you, Click on the link to read my I Need To Be Skinny! article.

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