Logo Printed Umbrellas – What Matters?

Logo printed umbrellas are generally umbrellas that are used by companies and businesses for advertising purposes. They can be given away as promotional gifts or they can be strategically placed in different locations where targeted audience is expected to gather or where it frequents. The umbrellas, whether they are rain umbrellas or parasols, are very functional because they offer a shield from harmful elements to individuals and groups of people depending on the size.

Because of their frequent use, you can be sure your business logo will be splashed out in the open every time they are in use. But the truth is that the umbrellas as are good as the prints you have on them and the logo is one of the most important elements you can include. If you want the logo printed umbrellas to work to your advantage, then there are a few things you should consider and pay attention to.

Location of the logo – Of course your company logo will be printed on the surface of the umbrella fabric, but you want it to be on the largest space available so there is less breakage in the consistency of the logo. Still on logo location, you need to make a decision as to how many sides the logo will appear. Try not to make the umbrellas appear too busy, but also ensure that the logo is visible enough from a distance.

The size of the logo – It matters because logos that are too small will be hard to notice and make sense of. Of course the size of the umbrella will determine the logo size that is most suitable, but make sure that it is large enough to expose your brand every time the umbrella is being used. Do not allow the logo size to overwhelm the umbrella, but neither should you make it too small and irrelevant for that matter.

The color of the logo – You are a brand and you for sure have your specific brand colors. The logo should represent your brand and this means it should dictate the logo colors you choose. However, you also want to make sure that your color is vibrant and well-printed to last. Customers easily associate your company with the logo so make sure you use the relevant colors and have the printing done using the best so they do not end up fading over time. There are very good printing technologies that offer permanent prints that remain vibrant over a long period of time. You do not want a logo that starts washing off after a few uses or one whose colors bleed all over the umbrellas after a heavy downpour.

When choosing an umbrella manufacturer, ensure that they can actually handle your logo requirements and can print it exactly as you want it to be. A professional manufacturer will not have any problems, offering you good advice if you are not too sure about printing, promotional umbrellas and from the guidance you should have an easy time getting good results.

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