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Who Else Wants To Avoid Getting Trampled By the Affiliate Herd?

The Signs Are Everywhere

Enough is enough, I say. Surely I can’t be the only one who’s noticed. For those of us in the internet marketing space and particularly if we make our money from affiliate revenue, the signs are everywhere. But they are the same sad signs telling the same sorry stories.

We Are All Adults Here

All of the affiliates are promoting the same stuff, using the same methods and saying the same thing. Let’s be frank with each other. We are all adults here (most of us at any rate) but what is going on is just downright incestuous. Now, I consider myself broad-minded, but rest assured I don’t have any personal experience of the aforementioned activity.

Boring and Ineffective

Not only is it unsightly when affiliate marketers churn out the same tired old lines and tricks as they fight over miserly commissions, but it’s boring as hell too. (Not to mention being highly ineffective.)

God Awful Noise

Is it any wonder then that you’re struggling to make enough commissions when you’re being swallowed up in this God awful noise? This is not marketing music or anything remotely pleasant. This is a cacophony and I don’t know about you, but I for one cannot listen to it any more.

Do Things Differently

I say it’s high-time for a change. You need to do things differently to everyone else. You need to promote different things in a different way to get different results. I did, and my results speak for themselves. Doing things differently made me $303,282.06 in commissions in just ten short months.

Don’t Get Trampled

Look here Moto, if you do what everyone else does you’ll get what everyone else gets, and most affiliates get nothing. This is not rocket science. If you keep following the herd, you’ll end up eventually getting trampled by the herd and it isn’t a pretty sight. Believe me, I’ve seen the bodies. The guru marketing vultures are circling and they’ve got their greedy, beady eyes on your commissions. Do you really think that is fair?

The Three P’s For Commissions Please

If you don’t want to end up in the affiliate marketing graveyard, here are the three P’s you need to address today:

  1. Provide a valuable bonus which is related to the product or better still complements or adds to the product.
  2. Purchase the product yourself and show a screenshot of your receipt, then talk about how it has helped you.
  3. Persist! Most customers don’t buy the first time they are sold to, so keep sending those emails or social media posts until you see some returns.