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Brewing Tips of Assam Tea to Enjoy a Perfect Cup

Those who are fond of black blends and love their robust flavor and smell cannot miss drinking Assam tea. This malty black blend is quite popular amongst the tea fanatics. In modern days, CTC of Assam is more popular. This brew tastes better with milk. To enjoy the enriching flavor of this variety, it is always advisable to pick the second flush ones. The ‘boldness’ in Assam tea types, has made it a wonderful alternative to coffee.

The breakfast table is never complete without a kettle of Assam and that is why, it is rightly called the “breakfast tea”. Now, no matter how ardent of a tea lover one is, people have questions regarding the steeping of Assam blends. How to prepare it? Let’s find out from the section below.

The Way of Steeping Assam Blends

  • Tea Selection

First pick the top quality Assam tea to have a delightful cup of golden liquor. The whole leaf is always a better choice. Now, dispense one teaspoon of its leaves for 8 ounces water. Do not constrain vessels and let the leaves fully develop their flavors at the time of steeping. This will provide the drinker the real taste of this brew that he is searching for.

  • Water

Assam tea manufacturers suggest that Assam tea, like any other black blends, requires high brewing temperature for extracting its best essences and full bodied flavor. Take good quality water and bring it to boil. Infuse the tea right off its boiling condition.

  • Perfect Timing

Over-infusing Assam blends will destroy its actual taste and lead an unpleasant bitterness to the cup of liquor. The real raisin sweet malty flavor of the brew will get lost. Be careful not to steep it too much. It is better to steep it for 3 minutes in the beginning and then increasing the tine, if it is found that full extraction of the leaves is not taking place.

Why only as breakfast tea, Assam brew also makes a perfect base for ‘chai’, it is because the intense flavor of this brew is not drowned by addition of sweet spices and milk, which are characteristics of any ‘chai’ preparation. If a person loves having tea with sugar and milk, Assam blend is the ideal choice for him since its real essence is never destroyed.

Want to experiment the taste of true Assam blend? Get in touch with some Assam Tea Manufacturers and order their products. There are a number of Indian companies, as well, marketing best quality Assam.