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Make Money Online – 3 Things All Affiliates Need To Make Daily Commissions

There Are Many Ways to Make Money Online

Most people who become affiliate marketers do so because they want to make money online. There are as many ways to do so of course as there are to skin the proverbial cat. Thankfully, all of these methods boil down to three things. Luckily for you, none of these involves causing any pain or suffering to you or your fluffy feline friend.

The three things that you need to consider when making commissions as an affiliate marketer are:

  1. What you promote.
  2. Traffic.
  3. How you promote the product.

It’s Easy To Choose a Good Product

Most marketers setting out to make affiliate revenue online can choose a good product. The internet is fairly transparent and we can see what products are selling well and how wealthy they are making the product creators and their affiliates. We can see the sales analytics for each product on most of the affiliate platforms. Social media also gives us an insight into how well a product is selling and what demand there is for it.

You Need To Approach Online Marketing The Right Way

The real difficulty lies in numbers 2 and 3. Getting good traffic (without having to pay for it), promoting something in a way which is going to get people’s attention and then getting them to buy from you, is another story. This used to be the domain only of super affiliates, but even the man off the street can make several hundred dollars a day if he approaches online marketing in the right way. Here’s how:

Getting Eyeballs On Your Offer

You need to get eyeballs on your offer. Find out where your customers are lurking. Are they on social media or forums? Do they read your blog or visit your website. If so, have you relevant, rich keyword targeted content on your sites to attract those customers. Likewise are you uploading keyword rich videos to YouTube and other online video platforms to target customers? Do you already have them on your email list?

No Pain, No Affiliate Gain

Finally, nobody likes pain. Not you. Not your cat. Not your prospective customers. Now, while you are not going to threaten to flay either your customers or their moggies, you do want to remind your potential customers of the pain they are avoiding by buying your (affiliate) product. This pain could be loss of potential income, poor health, unhappy relationships etc. Your aim is not to scaremonger or be unethical here. If you are promoting a quality product, it should be something that will help people. They just don’t realise that yet until you tell them.

How to Make the Perfect Cup With Loose Leaf Tea

Join us as we attempt to simplify the nuances of loose leaf tea, and even add some fun facts for those of you who are already hooked on tea! If you know how to brew the best tea from a bag and think it’s as good as it gets, read on because you’re not in Kansas anymore. The difference between your tea bag and the world of loose leaf teas is so huge, it will blow you away (minus the tornado).

Most people don’t realize that though tea bags seem convenient, they can be equated to the sawdust from when true loose leaf tea leaves are harvested and packaged. With the right equipment and infuser, brewing your loose leaf tea is a snap, whether you are sipping on the go or just kicking back at home. Plus, each ounce of loose tea is much more potent; it can be brewed up to 4 times, making it easy to enjoy throughout the day and super affordable on the wallet. Once you have experienced the taste, smell, and effects of a good loose leaf tea, there is simply no turning back!

Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water in the world. But if it is brewed wrong, I think we can all agree on the outcome: a lousy cup. This is a lesson many beginners learn the hard way, though you have to start somewhere. Most people who claim they “don’t like the taste” were put off by an incorrectly brewed tea, and some may be under the impression that loose leaf tea is more difficult to brew. These misconceptions can be engrained in our minds for a lifetime. Fortunately, this scenario can be easily avoided with better brewing techniques and more information about how easy it is to enjoy your daily cuppa. Thanks internet!

Drinking well made loose leaf tea is a bit like drinking a fine wine. You probably wouldn’t serve a fine white wine at room temperature, would you? If you have spent some of this month’s paycheck towards a fine wine, you probably will want to make sure it’s served properly to get your maximum enjoyment from your purchase. Doesn’t it make good sense to do a little research about your tea for a lifetime of great sipping? Not to worry: steeping good tea doesn’t take a fancy degree, but it is a bit more than chucking it into boiling water and letting it stew. Getting that perfect cup of tea involves a few simple steeping methods. (In fact, there are nearly as many brewing methods as there are teas.)

The trick to steeping tea correctly comes in five parts: water, weight, temperature, time and equipment.


Perfect water isn’t necessary, but if your water has an unpleasant taste, so will your tea. If your water tastes great, you should be in pretty solid shape. Good water is a must!


Using too much tea will make your tea bitter and burn a hole in your wallet. Too little tea will bring a weak cup and a sense of unfulfillment. The volume that is considered the “golden ratio” of leaves to water is one teaspoon of most tea leaves (approx. 2 grams) per 8 ounce cup of water. If your mug is larger, just adjust for the size of your cup and the size of the actual leaf. At the end of the day, perfection is less important than keeping an eye on the leaf size and adjusting based on your taste preferences.


Some like it hot! The ideal temperature depends on the tea. Use boiling water (212°F) when preparing Black, dark Oolong and Herbal teas. These teas are tough, they can take the burn. They even require it in order to break down the leaf and release the flavor and antioxidants. However, it’s important to use cooler water when steeping more delicate teas, such as Green, green Oolong and White teas. Water that is too hot will cause a delicate tea to taste overly bitter. Water that is too cool will cause a tea to taste flavorless and weak. If you don’t have a thermometer or a teapot with a temperature control, you’ll typically find that boiling water that is allowed to sit for 5 minutes will have dropped to roughly 180°F.


They say that “time heals all wounds.” However, it makes most teas turn bitter. You will want to experiment with 3-5 minutes for most black teas, depending on your preference for strength. Any longer, and they’ll become too strong. Dark oolong and white teas are much more forgiving. These teas will taste best when steeped for 3-5 minutes but will still be drinkable if steeped a little longer. For light oolong and green teas, a little TLC must be employed, steeping for only 2 minutes – 3 if you’re looking for a strong cup. Most high quality teas come with steeping instructions that include the time and temperature for optimum brewing. If you are in doubt, make sure to ask your tea supplier.


The proper equipment is also very important in the steeping process. When hot water is added, tea leaves can unfurl up to 5 times their dry size. So to make a great tea you need to give your leaves some leg room. If using an infuser basket, make sure it extends deep into the cup or mug you are using.

It almost goes without saying that, to make the perfect cup of tea, there is one more prerequisite: good tea. Buy the best that is within your budget. Keep it fresh, too; don’t stockpile tea for next year’s holiday, for example. Enjoy your fresh tea within 6 months or so. It will make a noticeable difference. The perfect cup is out there… just brew it!

How to Make $1000 Coaching Sales to Low Ticket Buyers

If you are in the IM niche online, low ticket front end products is a great way to generate traffic. You can generate – not necessarily “unlimited” traffic – but a significant amount. If you get involved, you can generate tons of traffic. And that is for free. If you are willing to invest a little money, you can leverage that into literally thousands of visitors.

Then you can take it to the next level. With the low ticket offers, you can turn those visitors into buyers. For example, $7 or $17. And at first glance, it might seem like that isn’t much money. Of course, it isn’t. And in fact, I think that many people go over there and try to make a living selling $7 or $17 products. In fact, I think that that price point has gotten experienced marketers thinking that higher price points don’t work anymore.

So they start promoting $7 offers to their list, and then it kills their list. Because their list no longer believes they are really worth more. Personally, I believe that $7 offers should ONLY be used for new, cold traffic to filter out the non-buyers.

Make someone pay $7 to have the privilege of getting on your list. Then those individuals are now exposed to your higher ticket offers.But back to the problem. I think folks are selling $7 offers as the front end, then using $37 and $97 as an immediate upsell. And making money at it.

But then they find it very hard to further monetize.

However, what I have found that works very well is instead of taking someone from $7 to $37 then $97, instead take 7-10 days and use a psychologically persuasive email campaign to build trust at a deep level, and then let those individuals who want to work closely with you, purchase access at $1000. I know that sounds high for people who have been on your list for 10 days.

But if you have what they want, a percentage will buy. They won’t be the same people who would have bought at $37. Because the people who would buy at $37 are often buying at that price point because they can’t afford to pay much more.

But the people who will pay $1000 for the right training – wouldn’t buy at $37 because they think that something that cheap would be a waste of their time.

You see, people who have money to invest don’t want to waste time and money on little tiny insignificant products that just waste their time. They want to get results, and their experience is that they get better results at higher prices.

The Journey to Resilience With Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Online

Sometimes I struggle to cope with the demands and challenges that are put before me in my endeavor to find success with my affiliate marketing business to make money online. I think to myself, “If one more change or challenge comes down the road, I am not sure how well I am going to manage it!” We get overwhelmed. The pressure to get everything done and done right can make us feel doomed!

How can we find the resilience that we need to meet the demands of running a successful affiliate marketing business and make money online? We need to do more than just cope, as coping would have the element of just getting by, and often implies that we continue to struggle, perhaps just keeping our heads above water.

Having resilience, on the other hand, is defined as the ability to bounce back from adversity or challenges with a renewed sense of energy, competency, and hope. When we are resilient, we are able to navigate difficult or stressful situations without falling apart AND we learn valuable lessons from the experience that allows us to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

Highly resilient people have the capacity to deal with disruptions and uncertainty. They handle unexpected and/or changing expectations and adapt to a new way of doing things when the old way no longer works.

If you want to grow your affiliate marketing business so that you can successfully make money online, you will need to strengthen your resilience capacity by development the five essential components of resilience:

1. Purpose: this is about knowing what really matters to you. What really make your life meaningful. You know what your values are and what goals you are committed to. Achieving your goals is what gets you up in the morning and provides you with the motivation to keep going when times are tough and rough. Having a sense of purpose and intention creates the internal compass that keeps you on your path.

2. Perseverance: this is the steadfast adherence to a court of action, belief or purpose. This is your ability to keep going even when there are challenges that get in your way. You will use patience and sheer grit to turn mistakes into learning experiences, never giving up on yourself or your dreams and finding your way around the obstacles. Perseverance takes courage, stamina and commitment.

3. Equanimity: The quality of being able to “hold your seat” and stay steady even when the ride is rocky. With this trait, you can remain calm and open to what is happening in your live even when things aren’t going your way. You will recognize that change is ever present; that anything can happen at any time and nothing is ever certain or secure. You can take it, you can take everything that comes your way in stride, neither clinging to what you wish was happening nor resisting what you wish wasn’t happening.

4. Self-reliance: this depends on you, yourself, your abilities, your judgment and your resources. You trust yourself and take responsibility for dealing with the challenges, successes (and failures) and experiences. During your difficult times, your self-reliance will allow you to ask “How did I contribute to this situation? What was my part in this?” rather than finding blame on someone or something else outside of yourself. You experience that sense of control over your own life.

5. Complete self-acceptance: Deeply realizing your own worth and goodness is what this is about. Being comfortable with who you are, warts, and all! You are able to offer yourself the same compassion, forgiveness and kindness that you would aspire to give to others. It is about treasuring your own uniqueness and knowing that you have a right to be YOU.

You can be resilient! You can have success and not grow weary to the point of quitting! Build your resilience so that you can be a success in your effort to make money online with your affiliate marketing business.