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4 Content Marketing Trends for Business Owners in 2017

As we approach 2017, it’s interesting to think about where we’re headed in the coming year when it comes to marketing our business.

All business owners want to stay on top of their game by being prepared for what’s ahead but in today’s fast-changing world, what does that look like?

Below are some content marketing trends you’ll want to prepare for when marketing your business in the coming year:

1) Incorporate More Social Media Graphics, Infographics, Visuals and Videos. Since your followers are 80 percent more likely to read your content if you use coloured visuals, this area needs to be built up more across your social media channels.

The popularity of visual content will only increase, so you must be prepared. Using Facebook live is still a hot commodity so be sure to dive into that opportunity too!

2) Build a Team. 60 percent of marketers in one survey said content creation was their biggest challenge last year.

To overcome this obstacle, get a team of people to help make content development and publishing easy. This includes having a good writer and social media specialist.

3) Tap Into Influencers. 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations where only 33% trust ads.

Consumers have begun to tune out traditional ads and increasingly connect to their social networks to guide their buying decisions. That’s why connecting with influencers is so important.

What is an influencer? “Influencers are people with significant networks (followers, readers, etc.) who can speak to a broad range of products and services with the ability to sway opinions in their favor.” – Jess Estrada.

Identify influencers to reach out to in your industry. Follow them on social media and see where you can strike up a conversation.

4) Drive Content Marketing Leads into a Funnel. High value content is one thing, but if you don’t build in a strategy that continues building rapport with prospects in the right way, you are leaving money on the table.

Content Marketing is a highly effective way to segment your audience and send them targeted follow-ups and offers, instead of adding them to your main email list.

Creating an Effective Content Marketing Plan for 2017

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen businesses make is they jump into content marketing without a strategy. While trying to appeal to their target market, they slap together a couple of eBooks and free offerings and hope it will be enough to drive sales.

The first step to making content marketing really work for you is to have a solid, smart content marketing plan in place.

Make sure you outline the following essentials in your content marketing plan:

Understand Who You Are Marketing to. Before starting any kind of marketing strategy, it’s vital you understand who your ideal target market is. There’s no point in investing your time and money into marketing when you don’t have a clear understanding of who you want to buy from you.

A Comprehensive Review of Past Efforts. Review your past content marketing efforts and results from 2016. This helps you to see what was most effective, what wasn’t, and develop a plan to improve for next year.

Set Goals and Benchmarks to Determine Future Campaign Success. Having a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish and what that will look like is important.

Do you want to develop awareness? Are you working to build brand loyalty? Are you educating prospects? Want to increase engagement with your tribe? Are you increasing sales and profitability?

Develop Content Ideas that Align with Sales Goals. Here’s some example sales goals:

o Boost sales of Mega Fit Bootcamp by 25%.

o Get 50 new leads a month into our sales funnel.

o Create an eBook on Sales Tips for People Who Hate to Sell to drive leads to the funnel.

Plan a Content Marketing Calendar with Dates and Deadlines. Create an editorial calendar that clearly lays out your dates and deadlines so you can easily prioritize your efforts. This eliminates the “what do I write” problem.

It also makes it much easier to work ahead on content and delegate to team members.

I hope you’d enjoyed these highlights, stats, and facts to help you prepare for content marketing in the coming year.

I’m curious: What changes do you plan to make to your social media strategy in 2017?

6 Secrets to Winning the Affiliate Marketing Game

Earning Commissions is Simple

It can be tough trying to earn commissions as an affiliate. Particularly when you are just starting out. But you know, it doesn’t have to be this way. Earning commissions is pretty simple really.

A Leg Up the Leaderboards

Here are six secrets which will help you start to bank commissions and climb up those affiliate leaderboards which you see plastered all over Facebook. Just don’t share them with too many people. Competition is tough enough already. It’s a JVZoo jungle out there!

Six Sales Secrets

1. All you need is to get from zero to one. You just have to get one sale to be approved going forward. To get that first sale, you need at least one product to promote of course, and in order to grab that beautiful affiliate link you need at least one product creator to share his or her sauce with you. So where do you find these lesser spotted product owners?

2. The second secret follows on from the first. Befriend as many marketers as you can on social media or by email or at marketing events. You’ll be surprised at how approachable some of the big name marketers are if you use the right approach. The right approach for one marketer might be retweeting some of his tweets. For another it might be saying something intelligent and complimentary to them by email. Some marketers of course, will never reply to your email or private messages so maybe you could catch them by the bar at a marketing event? Offer to buy them a drink or a coffee, mention one of their programs that you bought.

3. Once you have your virtual mitts on your first affiliate link, build a review website or blog on WordPress, for example, to get some organic traffic to the product. You can also use social media and YouTube as well.

4. After you have made your first sale, visit sites like Muncheye to see what products are launching and find out the best converting products which are making affiliates money right now.

5. Send a truck load of traffic to your link using ad swaps, solo ads and paid traffic like Facebook ads.

6. Keep testing to see which offers and traffic sources are converting into commissions for you, then rinse and repeat.

Pretty easy right? So there you have it. My six secrets to winning the affiliate game and winning it big.

Fresh Marketing: A Clean Cell Phone, a Bottle of Wine, and Your Brand

What do cellular phones, bottles of wine, and your brand have in common?

They can all be an necessary a part of your subsequent remarkable advertising plan that leaves customers or capacity customers thanking you in your ingenuity.

This is a assessment of a more recent product that has hit the market, one which you may provoke your modern and prospective customers with and the promotional gift combination that keeps on giving even after the bottle of wine is gone.

So what is the product? A bottle hanger with your emblem and message on it. Not inspired? It additionally has a microfiber display cleanser sticker together with your emblem on it connected immediately to the bottle hanger. This microfiber screen cleanser sticker can be indifferent and glued at the lower back of a smartphone. The patron effectively takes your emblem with them at the returned in their cellphone, detaching the sticker and cleansing their screen with the microfiber aspect.

Benefits of Branding with the Wine Bottle Hanger Sticker Combination

Promoting your brand with those specific merchandise gives you:

  • An modern recognition – these precise promotional merchandise show your customers which you think outside the field
  • An association with great – higher companies accessible use only exquisite materials for his or her custom microfiber phone stickers
  • A custom look – use your brand or customized marketing message to exhibit your logo
  • Constant interest – even after the bottle of wine is inebriated, your custom sticky display screen cleanser could be attached to your prospective patron’s phone
  • Widespread visibility – along with your custom stickys cleanser at the again in their devices, your emblem isn’t always most effective on your potential customer contact’s mind, it is also being shown to anybody they meet
  • Lasting Impression – the wine lasts… Properly simplest so long, however the microfiber smartphone stickers of first-class final at the least six months and generally longer, giving your brand a totally lasting affect

Drawbacks of Branding with the Wine Bottle Hanger Sticker Combination

  • Confusion – because this product is revolutionary a few humans actually do not know the way to use the microfiber smartphone sticker (even though you can print graphic commands on the cardboard to assist this)
  • Waste – every so often people throw away the cardboard in a frenzy to get to the wine… Can you blame them? This causes the microfiber sticker on the card to be thrown away
  • Phone Cases – on rather bedazzled telephone instances or cases made out of uncommon substances, like birchwood, the phone sticky label doesn’t constantly ‘stick’

The cons are pretty uncommon and the pros of this product appear to have consistent upside. Try them for your self as items to your employees or quality clients!

Get Your Arms Around Content Marketing

Back in the day, business owners and executives designed marketing messages for their products and services that, like a megaphone, were directed outward toward target customers and cast a wide net. The usual marketing media were print, radio and television.

Traditional marketing activities are still employed, but they’ve been joined by a more personalized strategy known as content marketing. Neil Patel, CEO of KISSmetrics, defines content marketing as “… the way for a business owner to educate customers and potential customers about your products and services. The goal is to offer tips, help and education about anything that can be useful to the customer. This kind of information can be shared in the form of a blog, white paper, webinar, video. or social post… “

Content marketing directs inward and engages customers on a granular level. Solopreneurs and organization leaders can reveal a deep understanding of customer priorities and challenges, build trust and credibility and demonstrate how customers might benefit from using their products and services.

Michael Brenner, a Forbes Magazine Top 40 Social Media Marketer and head of strategy at NewsCred, points out that “Small businesses don’t have the luxury of massive ad budgets… They need to drive brand awareness and (sales) leads with limited resources. Content marketing is a great way for small businesses to do both.”

Great. How can early-stage entrepreneurs, small business owners and Solopreneurs get started with content marketing? First, identify the content that your customers will value and present it in a way that will lead them to your message. Consider your customer’s viewpoint about the reasons that they use your products or services: what are they trying to achieve and what information might they appreciate? Speak (and listen) to your customers about their business goals and challenges and get a better handle on where your products or services fit in.

Shelly Kramer, founder and CEO of V3 Integrated Marketing, advises marketers to “Tie your overall business goals and objectives into your content marketing strategy” and to incorporate content marketing into social media. “Social and content have to work together in order for you to be successful… You can’t have success with content without a robust presence in the social media space… Understand the role that fresh, relevant content and social media channels play. There is great content being published on corporate blogs on a daily basis that no one ever sees.”

Next, choose your delivery platforms. Do customers visit your website often? Then posting a white paper once a month or writing a weekly blog could work for you. Are customers part of your LinkedIn group or Facebook fan page, or do they follow your business on Twitter? Add those icons to your email signature block and website, to create social media connections that alert customers to your content.

Along with fresh and relevant, volume, value and variety are your other guide posts. Brenner says “(Volume)… starts with this notion that you need to be present in our always on, always connected world. The second thing is value. Your content has to be good. I always recommend that brands identify what they want to talk about and then make every effort to produce as much valuable content around those topics as often as possible. The final tip is about variety. Customers (and search engines) reward brands that deliver value in multiple ways, so think about text-based articles, videos, SlideShare presentations, case studies and all the information we consume across the digital, social and mobile web.”

Finally, measure your content marketing ROI and monitor its impact. Patel offers three metrics: 1. Track content views; 2. Use Google Analytics (free) to track which types of content drives visits to your website; and 3. Measure your search traffic. “You have to give it time. Don’t expect great results in three months or six months, but you will see traction. Within the first three months you should see more traffic to your site. Within a year you should start to see good results and an opportunity to monetize traffic on your site.”

Patel concludes, “Good content marketing builds trust. If someone trusts you, they are more likely to buy your products and services and more likely to tell their friends and family.”

Thanks for reading,


How Can Drip Marketing Help Your Small Business?

Drip marketing is an effective approach to maintain your brand in front of your potential clients until they’re ready to decide to the buying choice. Staying at the forefront of your clients’ minds is usually a undertaking. Drip advertising and marketing is a extraordinary technique to hold you there.

Types of Drips

Using drip advertising techniques actually "drips" your logo in your clients or clients by giving them applicable data once they need it. You might want to rent these drip techniques:

  • Front of the mind – those maintain your audience engaged with your corporation
  • Education – those offer your target market with product records
  • Re-engagement – to win lower back the target market that may be waning in enthusiasm for your emblem
  • Competitive – engaging your competitor’s target audience with the benefits of switching for your products or services
  • Promotional – trap capability clients with limited-time promotions or pricing
  • Training – to teach your lately obtained clients approximately the usage of your product or offerings

Properly tailor-made drip campaigns maintain your marketing message in front of your possibilities with out tons work from you. You can use emails, social media, or promotional products, normally a combination of all 3, to ensure you message is constantly in front of your target market.

Platforms that promote drip marketing:

PPC on-line, which includes AdWords, Bing and Yahoo search ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, and Instagram. These on line structures provide remarketing campaigns so as to drip advertisements to humans that have already visited your website online. This allows human beings to be re engaged with you content, dripping in potential customers that for a few motive or some other didn’t determine to pull the cause the first time they have been to your web site. You also can promote content material consisting of movies, gifs, picture ads, and conventional text advertisements to promote white papers, academic videos, reviews, and so on. This is a outstanding way to maximise your advertising efforts.

The different way, every other preferred general in a number of industries, would be promotional handouts. These are usb chargers or display purifier stickers for phones and pills and on and on. There are around 800,000 promo merchandise on the market so agencies should have no trouble locating one which works extraordinary for them. The key is going in front of your target marketplace and getting those a whole lot wanted repeated impressions as a way to get the man or woman to come lower back to you. Promo merchandise live in the front of a patron, mainly if they’re useful.

Simple And Effective Small Business Marketing Strategies

A business will either offer services or products to the general public. There is always a need to come up with a marketing strategy for whatever business you are venturing in, whether new or old to make it more appealing and attracting to customers thereby bringing you good returns.

A business owner can’t just sit and hope that people will get to know about the existence of the business and come for the products and services offered there. Each and every business, be it a real estate, a health club, or even a small shopping mall need a marketing strategy to improve the sales and profits that come with that. There are various marketing strategies that small business owners can use to improve and help their businesses grow without having to spend too much money on.

The main purpose of coming up with a marketing strategy is to grab the attention of potential customers, arouse some interest hence triggering a desire to purchase your products and services. This means therefore that one has to come up with a strategy that will serve the purpose and maintain the new customers.

Gaining confidence

The first thing a business owner can do is to gain the confidence of the customer. This involves communicating to your potential customers why it is advantageous to do business with you. Ensure that your strategy shows the quality experience, dependability of your business and furthermore, make sure that you offer excellent service to the customer. This way, you will manage to gain their confidence making them become loyal to you. Always come up with ways to show them why they should do business with you and not your competitor.

Create awareness

Another great marketing strategy for small businesses is to create awareness among the targeted audience. The more you make people aware of what you have to offer, you will increase your chances of being recognized. However, make sure that the information you pass to the public while trying to get your brand, name and credibility recognized is true. It is useless to give wrong information for customers to come and then find out that what you told them is not what you have to offer them. It is good to include your good points in your campaign but also make sure that all the information is correct.

To create awareness, small business owners can distribute flyers and brochures giving all the relevant information hence marketing what they have.

Marketing Agencies Have Coordination With Companies To Reach The Goal

The humans coping with more than one enterprise or advertising employer will assist substantially. They provide a fantastic assist for developing the business in numerous factors. Also, they lessen the strain of the enterprise owner. If absolutely everyone desires to rent a advertising agency, it’s far constantly higher to investigate about the corporation earlier than hiring them. How they paintings from the creative sense of wondering one need to know earlier than going ahead.

Hiring a workforce for marketing isn’t that a good deal worth paying. A group of marketing and marketing will do the process productively. The outcomes are also visible inside the marketplace. This group of professionals has expertise approximately the market analysis and that they plan therefore.

Creative Planning is the Secret of the Success

The marketing state of affairs has modified absolutely after the globalization. The innovativeness modified the meaning of marketing and sales. The enterprise and emblem are marketed to make the people acquainted with the logo name. The marketplace verticals are studied by way of professionals to make an excellent plan for income. The complete group works for the agency comes thru innovative thinking and brainstorming. It allows to get an unattainable success in the end. Each employee of the advertising agency is an expert who puts their enjoy to get the result. They examine marketing techniques and use numerous methods to increase the income.

How to Select a Marketing Agency

The performance of advertising and marketing companies have to be evaluated. It will inspire them to offer precise service continuously. It is higher to recognise extra how they achieve their goals will display the better photograph.Many groups are there within the marketplace who continuously giving right effects. Choose from those renowned companies.

Selecting Audience

Advertising is the main way to get clients. If the target audience is centered at the ideal time, it’s going to in reality get a very good enterprise. There are many technically sound staffs within the corporation. They are nicely experienced and might fulfill the clients with the proper data and technical facts. Their wholesome communique facilitates the client to take proper choice.

How to select visitors

The marketing organization affords the purchaser`s list which is useful to the enterprise proprietor to contact and make a deal. The enterprise orientated human beings assume that they are able to do the marketing effectively but usually it fails. The advertising and marketing professional can do it in a better way. If every person wants to get the entirety in a bundle, it’s higher to lease a advertising business enterprise to get the predictable result. The business enterprise follows distinct approach with their creative mind. It might be humor or some thing groundbreaking. They attain the target market via social media websites.

A few important Tips:

Business Growth Secret Revealed – Using a Marketing Calendar

Using a marketing calendar

Many business owners may not necessarily be doing their marketing planning this way or may choose to be doing this in a similar way. Either way, using a marketing calendar can be hugely successful strategy to grow your business through effective marketing.

What is a marketing calendar?

A marketing calendar is a way to organize your marketing activity to specific dates or deadlines relevant to the target markets of your business;

For example a florist could target mother’s day marketing and promotion. It may be a more general month target of for instance targeting Christmas shoppers in November. It can also be used to schedule information or promotion to clients who have been engaged to services for a specific period, such as an insurance company may wish to do certain marketing activities prior to renewal dates for instance.

A marketing calendar can be a way of aiming at different key target markets throughout the year and aligning all the marketing efforts for greater impact in gaining your target markets.

You may also notice trends at certain times of the year, which you may choose to attempt to exploit more fully in your marketing calendar planning. For instance a financial planner may see a spike in new year resolutions leading to more interest in wealth creation early in the new year.

How to do a marketing calendar?

Your marketing calendar is a working document you can revise and update throughout the plan year. A marketing calendar should be simple. I recommend a simple spreadsheet matrix with months or dates with your key target market type described along with the key marketing efforts directed at that target market.

Go back and review your target markets.

A good business should know exactly who or what kind of client or customers it would like. Remind yourself the types of target markets that you may be winning more, make more money from, have more competitive strengths in, more specialized in or even just downright enjoy more. The key is don’t be too broad or have too many. The more specific your target market is, the easier your marketing becomes and chance of marketing success.

Review all of your marketing activity

If you haven’t already done so, go on and write down all your marketing efforts in detail and check on just how effective each marketing tool is for you. To state the obvious you should then consider putting more focus on the ones that work and eliminating the ones that don’t work. You could also try to match certain ones to the different target markets.

Some examples of your marketing efforts maybe be:

• Signage

• Social media

• Websites

• Referral partners

• Business networking

• Paid online marketing

• Asking for referrals

• Web blogging or SEO

• newsletters

What if this doesn’t apply to your type of business?

Perhaps your business is not at all dependent on the date or time of the year. If so, consider just having after care schedules to perhaps ask for referrals or cross sell you at a certain point after a sale.

Where do I find the time to do this?

Well often business owners do not get out of the business long enough to develop some systems to improve their businesses. If this is the case they are unlikely to get different results.

So they need to look at ways to free up their time to devote in this area. This can be achieved by delegating or training staff to be more capable and giving the business owner more time to develop their business.

Otherwise they may simply outsource their marketing and grow their business that way.

Some other examples

• One business owner says he arranges a highly discounted sale of stock or wrongly sized materials. As well as clearing out stock, staying tidy, it brought in new people into his showroom and lead to sale of his real product too.

• Use a regular say monthly newsletter of useful information or stock listing to your customer list. It will be a great way to keep you in mind of the customers. You may also be inviting them to buy or use your services at the perfect time they may be considering that very purchase at that time.

• Curiously at times of elections spending can slump in economies. So you could factor this into your marketing calendar too.

Here are some reasons why a marketing calendar will help your business grow

1. having a plan gets you to a destination. You will be efficient in knowing what to do at certain times of the year and can repeat these year in year out.

2. Focusing on less gets you a better result. Improving your efficiency from your marketing tools will get you better results.

3. More clients and customers come with more marketing activity. Thinking in this way and implementing a system to gain new clients will be effective in improving your sales.

4. Improve your branding and reputation. Honestly, being consistent and having good marketing activity will make you appear to be an even more successful business therefore attracting more clients and customers.

5. Become more productive. By working on your business you will learn how to outsource and delegate. This will also get your more profit or results with your time.

6. Making more success in your business always improves your personal life balance. So having more profits may in turn means more holidays or more staff to help you better enjoy your non working life.

Are There Any Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing To A Business?

Affiliate marketing can be defined as online sales tactic that has product owners allowing others to market company products on their behalf. The product owner increases sales by making this possible. Often times, the marketing strategy is looked as beneficial to the affiliate marketers who make commissions without necessarily having to own a company or manufacturer products, Whereas they really do benefit, the business allowing them to market the products also stands to benefit in one way or another.

Affiliate marketing has been embraced by many companies, especially those in fields with stiff competition. It is a tactic that might mean making a little less from the products because of the commissions paid to the affiliates but there are a number of benefits that make the businesses find the strategy still worth the effort.

1. It offers a cheap way of acquiring customers

The truth is that affiliates do not make any money unless they successfully refer a visitor to the company and actually make a sale. As a business, you so not have to worry about going at any loss with affiliate marketing because you only pay for the value that you have already received.

2. You enjoy fixed costs as far as marketing goes

This is because you will speak terms and conditions with your affiliates and the greed amount is what you get to pay as commission for successful sales made. The variables remain at that unless you choose to increase the commissions. This means that at the end of the day you get to enjoy cost of sale fees that are steady and manageable.

3. It improves brand visibility

Affiliate’s use all means possible to secure sales including displaying ads on their website and making search engine listings. Their efforts, whether they yield sales for them or not, end up offering you greater free visibility as a brand at the end of the day. More and more people get to hear about you and know of your existence, even if they do not end up become conversions and this is good for business.

4. Affiliate marketing offers targeted benefits

Affiliate marketers are very particular with where they post the ads. They know the exact audience to target and work only with the most suitable demographics to their advantage too. Therefore, you can be sure that every effort put into it is targeted and chances of getting positive responses are quite high.

5. It is a transparent process

Transparency of ROI is very appealing to merchants. Using affiliate marketing puts you in a position to track sales origin. You get to see where the sales are made, when they are made and how they are made. It is a process that gives you confidence and you will only pay for the value that your business has actually received.

However beneficial affiliate marketing is to businesses, it is important to have a plan regarding the same to enjoy optimum results with the marketing approach that has become very popular.

The Journey to Resilience With Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Online

Sometimes I struggle to cope with the demands and challenges that are put before me in my endeavor to find success with my affiliate marketing business to make money online. I think to myself, “If one more change or challenge comes down the road, I am not sure how well I am going to manage it!” We get overwhelmed. The pressure to get everything done and done right can make us feel doomed!

How can we find the resilience that we need to meet the demands of running a successful affiliate marketing business and make money online? We need to do more than just cope, as coping would have the element of just getting by, and often implies that we continue to struggle, perhaps just keeping our heads above water.

Having resilience, on the other hand, is defined as the ability to bounce back from adversity or challenges with a renewed sense of energy, competency, and hope. When we are resilient, we are able to navigate difficult or stressful situations without falling apart AND we learn valuable lessons from the experience that allows us to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

Highly resilient people have the capacity to deal with disruptions and uncertainty. They handle unexpected and/or changing expectations and adapt to a new way of doing things when the old way no longer works.

If you want to grow your affiliate marketing business so that you can successfully make money online, you will need to strengthen your resilience capacity by development the five essential components of resilience:

1. Purpose: this is about knowing what really matters to you. What really make your life meaningful. You know what your values are and what goals you are committed to. Achieving your goals is what gets you up in the morning and provides you with the motivation to keep going when times are tough and rough. Having a sense of purpose and intention creates the internal compass that keeps you on your path.

2. Perseverance: this is the steadfast adherence to a court of action, belief or purpose. This is your ability to keep going even when there are challenges that get in your way. You will use patience and sheer grit to turn mistakes into learning experiences, never giving up on yourself or your dreams and finding your way around the obstacles. Perseverance takes courage, stamina and commitment.

3. Equanimity: The quality of being able to “hold your seat” and stay steady even when the ride is rocky. With this trait, you can remain calm and open to what is happening in your live even when things aren’t going your way. You will recognize that change is ever present; that anything can happen at any time and nothing is ever certain or secure. You can take it, you can take everything that comes your way in stride, neither clinging to what you wish was happening nor resisting what you wish wasn’t happening.

4. Self-reliance: this depends on you, yourself, your abilities, your judgment and your resources. You trust yourself and take responsibility for dealing with the challenges, successes (and failures) and experiences. During your difficult times, your self-reliance will allow you to ask “How did I contribute to this situation? What was my part in this?” rather than finding blame on someone or something else outside of yourself. You experience that sense of control over your own life.

5. Complete self-acceptance: Deeply realizing your own worth and goodness is what this is about. Being comfortable with who you are, warts, and all! You are able to offer yourself the same compassion, forgiveness and kindness that you would aspire to give to others. It is about treasuring your own uniqueness and knowing that you have a right to be YOU.

You can be resilient! You can have success and not grow weary to the point of quitting! Build your resilience so that you can be a success in your effort to make money online with your affiliate marketing business.