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How to Make $1000 Coaching Sales to Low Ticket Buyers

If you are in the IM niche online, low ticket front end products is a great way to generate traffic. You can generate – not necessarily “unlimited” traffic – but a significant amount. If you get involved, you can generate tons of traffic. And that is for free. If you are willing to invest a little money, you can leverage that into literally thousands of visitors.

Then you can take it to the next level. With the low ticket offers, you can turn those visitors into buyers. For example, $7 or $17. And at first glance, it might seem like that isn’t much money. Of course, it isn’t. And in fact, I think that many people go over there and try to make a living selling $7 or $17 products. In fact, I think that that price point has gotten experienced marketers thinking that higher price points don’t work anymore.

So they start promoting $7 offers to their list, and then it kills their list. Because their list no longer believes they are really worth more. Personally, I believe that $7 offers should ONLY be used for new, cold traffic to filter out the non-buyers.

Make someone pay $7 to have the privilege of getting on your list. Then those individuals are now exposed to your higher ticket offers.But back to the problem. I think folks are selling $7 offers as the front end, then using $37 and $97 as an immediate upsell. And making money at it.

But then they find it very hard to further monetize.

However, what I have found that works very well is instead of taking someone from $7 to $37 then $97, instead take 7-10 days and use a psychologically persuasive email campaign to build trust at a deep level, and then let those individuals who want to work closely with you, purchase access at $1000. I know that sounds high for people who have been on your list for 10 days.

But if you have what they want, a percentage will buy. They won’t be the same people who would have bought at $37. Because the people who would buy at $37 are often buying at that price point because they can’t afford to pay much more.

But the people who will pay $1000 for the right training – wouldn’t buy at $37 because they think that something that cheap would be a waste of their time.

You see, people who have money to invest don’t want to waste time and money on little tiny insignificant products that just waste their time. They want to get results, and their experience is that they get better results at higher prices.